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Hawaii North Shore Road Trip

After our friend’s beautiful wedding we still had a couple of days to explore the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Ken, Nick, and I decided to rent a small car and head to the North shore of the island. Several friends who had visited Hawaii gave me some great advice on what to see while I was on there and most… Read more →

Waikiki and the Pacific Beach Hotel

I hadn’t seen Ken in more than four months when I landed in Hawaii. Despite being really tired, I was a smiling fool when I landed. I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and see him. Ken got to Hawaii from Australia, about four hours before my flight from Chicago landed, so he went straight to our hotel, Pacific… Read more →

The Beauty of Hawaii From Above

My First Taste of the Beauty of the Hawaiian Islands I’d never been to Hawaii. I’d heard some great things but I didn’t expect just how gorgeous this group of islands would be, even from thousands of miles above. When the islands first started to appear all the way until we landed in Oahu, I was blown away at the… Read more →

Leaving My Sweet Home Chicago

Ken arrived to Chicago with an entire fleet of people waiting to meet the Australian who, in 7 days, would take me back to Australia with him. I was excited and terrified. Ken was mostly terrified. 😉 We had an incredibly busy week planned. This was my fault. I’m admittedly an over planner. I had every day planned for our… Read more →

Hawaii, Here I Come!

Tomorrow bright and early, I’ll be on my way to O’Hare airport headed for Hawaii. I’m so excited! Not only have I never been to Hawaii, but I’ll also be meeting my boyfriend, who lives in Australia, on the beautiful island to attend a wedding of one of his good ‘mates.’ Who doesn’t love an island wedding?! Some back-story: The… Read more →

Australia: Here We Go!

I’d been counting down for months and my trip to Australia and my boyfriend had finally arrived! Little back story here, I met my Australian boyfriend in July of 2014 while I was traveling through eastern Europe and as impracticable as we both knew it was, love doesn’t care about logistics and eventually neither did we. We’ve started dating officially… Read more →