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I’m Back and Mojitos

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog. It’s for the usual reasons, things like work being busy, getting ENGAGED (I said Yes), and just a general lack of time to devote to fun, creative things like writing. Why are those things, the things that make us happy, always the first to go when life gets hectic? I… Read more →

uncommon cures for homesickness

Uncommon Cures for Homesickness

Uncommon Cures for Homesickness I’ve been living in Australia for about four months now.  I love my new home. However, the homesickness can get overwhelming at times. Over the past few months I’ve found ways to manage the longing for home in different ways, some pretty obvious, like making regular Skype dates with loved ones, and then there were the… Read more →

Finding A Sense of Home in Australia

US and Australia have a lot in common, they also have a lot of differences. Here are just a few I’ve discovered: Aussies don’t seem to have a rule for walking on one side for coming and another for going – they pretty much just walk wherever. I feel like I’m dodging people constantly no matter where I walk, right… Read more →

5 Things I Learned Moving Abroad

It’s been a little less than a week since I left my home in Chicago for Australia. I’m still a little jet lagged and find myself waking in time to see the sunrise, which isn’t the worst thing in the world because you get to see skies like the one below. Getting up early has also given me some much… Read more →

Leaving My Sweet Home Chicago

Ken arrived to Chicago with an entire fleet of people waiting to meet the Australian who, in 7 days, would take me back to Australia with him. I was excited and terrified. Ken was mostly terrified. 😉 We had an incredibly busy week planned. This was my fault. I’m admittedly an over planner. I had every day planned for our… Read more →

Bucket List

Whenever I start to feel like I’ll never see all the things I want to see on this big blue marble of ours, I visit my bucket list. Looking back on past adventures always helps me to find some perspective. I’ll never complete the list, because I I know I’ll ever be able to stop adding to it. Have some… Read more →

Australia: Here We Go!

I’d been counting down for months and my trip to Australia and my boyfriend had finally arrived! Little back story here, I met my Australian boyfriend in July of 2014 while I was traveling through eastern Europe and as impracticable as we both knew it was, love doesn’t care about logistics and eventually neither did we. We’ve started dating officially… Read more →