Wine Tasting in Yarra Valley

Wine. That’s what Ken’s 35th birthday was all about! Wine and great friends. For Ken’s gift, I got us tickets to a wine tour in the Yarra Valley just outside Melbourne Australia. We went with a tour company called, Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours. The Yarra Valley is what they call a, “cool climate wine region” and is best known… Read more →

I’m Back and Mojitos

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog. It’s for the usual reasons, things like work being busy, getting ENGAGED (I said Yes), and just a general lack of time to devote to fun, creative things like writing. Why are those things, the things that make us happy, always the first to go when life gets hectic? I… Read more →

Altona Beach

Compromise is a beautiful thing. Today, Ken and I came together and found some middle ground on how to spend our Saturday, which also happened to be Grand Final day in Australia. Grand final day down under is similar to Superbowl Sunday in the states, only slightly more intense. Pretty much everything shuts down, and all eyes are on the… Read more →

Werribee Mansion - Stories N Suitcases Blog

Werribee Mansion

The weather in Melbourne is finally getting nice, so Ken and I took advantage of this pleasant change by taking a day trip to Werribee Mansion and rose garden. When we arrived mid-morning there were families already set up on the grass around the mansion playing frisbee, reading, and enjoying the beautiful day. Ken and I headed to the mansion’s… Read more →

uncommon cures for homesickness

Uncommon Cures for Homesickness

Uncommon Cures for Homesickness I’ve been living in Australia for about four months now.  I love my new home. However, the homesickness can get overwhelming at times. Over the past few months I’ve found ways to manage the longing for home in different ways, some pretty obvious, like making regular Skype dates with loved ones, and then there were the… Read more →

Hiking Tower Hill with Kangaroos

A Bit About Weekend Getaways Ken and I have taken a fair bit of weekend trips since I moved to Australia. Before I moved here, Ken hadn’t done much of this sort of thing, so in a lot of ways we are both exploring this country together. We are slowly getting better at figuring out what makes a successful trip.… Read more →

What’s Good About Warrnambool?

Why Warrnambool? Warrnambool might not be on many must see lists for visiting Australia, but really, it should be. Victoria is such a beautiful part of Australia with so many small towns, like Warrnambool that look more appropriate in a period film than in the year 2015. On top of the small town charm, Warrnambool has a very popular tourist… Read more →