I’m Back and Mojitos

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog. It’s for the usual reasons, things like work being busy, getting ENGAGED (I said Yes), and just a general lack of time to devote to fun, creative things like writing.

Why are those things, the things that make us happy, always the first to go when life gets hectic? I know I feel more productive as a whole, and just am a happier person when I’m doing something, anything, that lets me be creative, just for the sake of being creative. Hanging out with a good friend this weekend, who recently made time in her busy life to become a certified meditation coach, inspired me to get back to writing, so thanks Heath!

Speaking of lovely people, it was Ken’s birthday this past week and we celebrated over dinner in Melbourne at a place called Koko, a Japanese restaurant inside Crown casino. It was delicious and totally screwed up our wedding diet. Thanks Koko. It was worth the extra calories. I had the California roll, or what I like to call ,’baby’ sushi, or sushi for those who don’t really like sushi. We also split some teriyaki chicken and edamame which was equally as good.  The highlight for me, though, was the drinks, OBVI — Just kidding. Kinda. I ordered a mojito and it was so, SO good. I probably could have drank three of them, but you know, it was Ken’s birthday, not mine. The restaurant was really great all around. Beautiful views of the city, friendly atmosphere and it was interesting watching our food get cooked right in front of us. The chefs were also fun and talkative, which was a nice touch. Take a look at that mojito, though….A+

Koko Japanese restaurant mojito Melbourne Australia

AUSTRALIA Melbourne Since we had blown our #shreddingforthewedding challenge on this particular evening, we thought, go big or go home right? So, we topped off our glutinous behavior with an ice cream cone, because why not?

We stayed the night in the city at a place called Punthill Apartments on Flinders St. because the next day we were doing a Yarra Valley wine tour with some friends to cap off Ken’s birthday celebrations. Definitely a great evening, one of those perfect nights with good food, drinks, and a great occasion to celebrate.

Punthill was pretty nice, and I’m unreasonably picky on where I stay when it comes to hotels. The only downside of Punthill was the overflow of drunkies from the bar next door smoking and being super loud all night right outside our window. It was basically like being in the club with none of the benefits. We joked about how old we are and reminisced of our younger years when we were those people, those people who don’t get crabby after 10pm and bitch about loud youths. Times they are a changing!



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